Kalpesh Kinariwala’s Pantheon Development supports education; 500 Kerala students benefits from CSR drive

2023-10-10 11:00:10

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | October 10, 2023

The project in the southern Indian state is under the theme – `Building Foundations for a Brighter Future,’ in partnership with the Kochi-based Vidhyadhanam Trust spearheaded by Prof. K.V. Thomas, former Kerala minister and Lok Sabha member

Kochi/Dubai: Kalpesh Kinariwala, the Founder of affordable luxury real estate development company, Pantheon Elysee Real Estate Development, distributed scholarships to 500 students in Kerala, India, to support them in their educational pursuits.

The CSR initiative of Dubai-based Pantheon Elysee Real Estate Development under the theme of `Building Foundations for a Brighter Future,’ was in partnership with the Kochi-based Prof. K.V. Thomas Vidhyadhanam Trust, which has been providing financial incentives, scholarships and other initiatives for school children for years.

The trustee of Vidhyadhanam Trust is K.V Thomas, former minister in Kerala Legislative Assembly and member of Lok Sabha. The scholarships were distributed to students in an event in Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala, by the State Industries Minister, P. Rajeev.

The scholarship scheme started on September 9 2023 and it will be implemented in three phases, benefitting a total of 3,000 students of class 10th and 12th who have secured A+ in all subjects in their current academic year from government and aided schools in Ernakulam Parliamentary Constituency.

“We passionately believe in supporting bright young students, who are the future pillars of tomorrow. With this CSR project, Pantheon Development is embarking on a transformative journey by helping build and enhance the foundations for education to empower young children to shape their future,” said Kalpesh Kinariwala, adding that Pantheon was grateful for the opportunity to be part of the initiative which is led by the Vidhyadhanam Trust.

He said the initiative was in sync with Pantheon’s corporate mission of enabling the future - extending it from building quality real estate assets to excellence in education. “Our commitment through this CSR is to contribute to the enrichment of students and create a positive ripple in the society. We are passionate about building a strong future – whether it be through great building or empowering the next generation to build a brighter future.” Said Kalpesh Kinariwala.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. K V Thomas, the trustee of Vidhyadhanam Trust, said it is the third lot of scholarships in the new scheme which were distributed at the event. He thanked Kalpesh Kinariwala, who came forward to support the cause, coming all the way down from Dubai to attend the function.

Pantheon Elysee Real Estate Development is a rapidly growing real estate entity in Dubai with focus on creating affordable luxury residential properties.

Kalpesh Kinariwala believes in pursuing excellence at every step, be it real estate development, or in community intermediations, such as providing support to causes that empower future generations.

Pantheon Development specializes in niche affordable luxury projects in Dubai and has a portfolio of projects in excess of AED 2 billion spanning across 1.3 million Sq.ft. Pantheon also promotes sustainability through implementing concepts that promote green construction with commitment to quality and delivery.

According to Pantheon Development, it carries forward the same enthusiasm it shows in its business to community activities with a primary focus on empowering young people who are bright and is ready to work tirelessly on their growth aspirations. The scholarships distributed to the students in Kochi was one such initiative, and there are more such cause-oriented CSR projects in the pipeline, said Kalpesh Kinariwala.